WB-007 Galaxy Bulbing

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WB-007 Galaxy Bulbing


Dimensions: Height 26cm, Width 15cm

Working Voltage: 220 V

Material: Wooden base, Acrylic glass,

Light: LED Light

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Product Description


   BULBING is an elegant light that will add a COOL DESIGN element to any room.
   What appears to be 3D is in fact 2D making it functional and helping you to SAVE  SPACE.
–    You can surprise friends and family with the element of OPTICAL ILLUSION!
–    VERSATILE use for the whole family, it can even be a fun piece for the kid’s at night.
   BULBING uses a warm LED light, which is ENERGY-EFFICIENT, lasts up to 50,000 hours, and doesn’t overheat.
   It is available with CHANGEABLE designs, so you can choose a light to suit your mood.

WB-001 Bulb Shape Bulbing


Before scientific and technological breakthroughs, many believed the world was flat. Now, thanks to these two forces the world is in fact becoming considerably flatter, at least in the land of product design!

Introducing BULBING, a 2D LED lamp that forces you to rethink your everyday objects and raise a smile.

WB-001 Bulb Shape Bulbing


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