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Wallers have an exciting range of decorative, textured wall panels with patterns carved into their surface. A feature wall in 3D panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room at relatively little cost.

Silence, Color, Texture…Everything we know of the world is caught by our senses.

For the first time, a company using innovative materials, allows Architects, Interior Decorators and Designers total freedom to create personalized and distinct environments that provide comfort-keeping of course, its creator`s signature.

With these panels you will give an extra dimension to your walls. These Textured and 3d wall coverings are made of MDF and are easy to install, both DIY and professional use of this 3d wall covering has proven to create the looks of a beautiful 3d wall. Take a look at the variation of all the design and our range of 3d wall decor, you will be surprised to see so many stunning 3d wall panels!

3D wall panels being one of the most sizzling patterns today in inside adornment, can transform customary insides into marvelous and sensational spaces, immediately. A couple well-picked pieces as accents make an exciting and wealthy look paying little heed to your individual style. Be enlivened by the assortments of outlines and completes accessible, permitting you to make your own particular wall stylistic theme.

3D Wall Panel MDF Wave Panel for Decorating Decoative Acoustic Reflection Material. 3D MDF TV Background Wall Panel for Decoration. 3D MDF TV Background Wall Panel for Decoration. 3D Decorative Wave Interior Carved Wall Panel for TV Background, Hotel. 3D Decorative Wave Interior Carved Wall Panel for TV Background.

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  1. Fahad says:

    How much is the cost of cutting/design with material?
    Where is your office located. Do you deal online.

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